Horizontal Deliverables:

D2. Project Management Plan

Press Releases

Multiplier Events

- Math Debate – OU Ljuben Lape, Skopje

- MathDebate Conference – Union of researcher of Macedonia – SIM Skopje, Ohrid

- Math Debates Events – CyMS, Nikosia

- MATHDebate Training Course – CyM, Larnaka,

Intellectual Outputs

IO1: Analysis of teaching methodology

– make a survey of math teaching methodology and other activities involving math
– specify the new technologies and the methodologies in use
– do research, collect best practices in and outside Europe.
– realise the partial report at national level (Cyprus);

IO2: Developing of MATHDebate method and e-platform

– contribute the development of the e- platform and e-forum, selecting the digital resources, software and tools, and make a preparation for tutoria;

IO3: Guidelines and Guidebook of MATHDebate method

– analyse the design made in O2 in order to plan the method for collecting the opinions and suggestions of students through the platform
– Collect suggestions and reasoning made by students and analysis
– Edit the development of the collection into guidelines to be used by students and teachers
– Develop the Guidebook in the form of an e-book. First final version in English.
– Coordinate the translation of the Guidebook into the partner languages.
– provide instruments for testing the effectiveness of the e-platform and guidelines.

IO4: Evaluation and reports for MATHDebate method

– Report every action made, as a part of the evaluation process
– Provide testing instruments for evaluation and self-evaluation to measure students achievements.

- Evaluation report for MATHDebate teaching methodEvaluation and report for using e-platform and mesure the results of learning proces

IO5: Development of training courses for teachers for using the MATHDebate method, as a new method for increasing the motivation for learning Mathematics.

adapt the contents to develop a structured course on using the MATH Debate method;
– define the learning objectives
– Prepare for EU and national accreditation of training courses for teachers
for using the MATHDebate method.

Topics of the Project

– Key Competences (incl. mathematics and literacy) basic skills;
– New innovative curricula, educational methods;
– Development of training courses;
– ICT – new technologies – digital competences;

MATHDebate - The Voice of Students - Searching Excellence in Math Education trough Increasing the Motivation for Learning